Yukon NDP's Stikeman to go head-to-head with Premier Pasloski in Mountainview

Shaunagh Stikeman won the Yukon NDP nod to take on Darrell Pasloski in Mountainview last night. She told a crowded room of Yukon NDP members that after 14 years of a tired and divisive Yukon Party government, it’s time for new energy and a fresh voice that will fight for Mountainview residents.

A lawyer who has worked with First Nations and volunteered for several community organizations, Stikeman says she decided to run for territorial office after hearing from neighbours and constituents that the premier has just stopped listening to their concerns.

“Last month, a woman with cancer was turned away from her mastectomy surgery. On the same day, a person in chronic pain saw his surgery cancelled too,” said Stikeman. “It’s been a month. Where is the premier’s plan to fix our health care?”

Stikeman said that instead of focusing on the issues that matter to people, the Yukon Party is stubbornly clinging to misguided priorities like the costly mega-highway through Mountainview.

“This is a project that will waste millions of dollars that are desperately needed elsewhere, all while creating more congestion and more pollution,” she said. “Mr. Pasloski should start listening to people in his community.”

In 2011, the Yukon NDP placed a strong second to Pasloski, and Stikeman said that by coming together and reaching out to all those who want change, Mountainview residents can set themselves on a path for a better, more hopeful Yukon.

“I know that by working together, we can bring real change, and set the Yukon on a better path. I can’t wait to get going.”