Yukon NDP Releases Plan that Puts Yukoners First

Yukon NDP Leader Liz Hanson released the Yukon NDP platform surrounded by candidates at the Yukon Arts Centre this morning.

“We are putting forward new, bold ideas,” said Hanson. “The Yukon’s future is at risk if we keep on this track. Our innovative, new ideas are the way to a better future.”

The Yukon NDP commitments will have a big impact on the lives of Yukoners.

  • A plan to make the first year of tuition at Yukon College free for Yukoners
  • Mandated apprenticeship opportunities for Yukoners on government capital projects
  • A plan to bring more doctors and nurses to the Yukon by offering a tax credit to help pay for student loans for any Yukoner who wants to study medicine
  • A $15/hour minimum wage
  • A concrete plan for a carbon price – investing half of revenues in a fund for green energy development and giving the other half back to Yukoners

The NDP pointed out that the Yukon Party is making desperate multi-million dollar promises without any intention of following through – and the Liberals are proposing vague ideas for new funds and white papers – without any eye to real results for people’s real lives.

“I wanted our plan to always have an eye to Yukoners’ lives,” said Hanson. “What will benefit people who live here, right away? After 14 years, Yukoners clearly want change, and they don’t just want a different government – they want a better one.”

For the full Yukon NDP 2016 Platform, go to: www.yukonndp.ca/platform_2016


For more information, please contact:

Denise MacDonald
Communications Manager, Yukon NDP
w: 668-2203
c: 332-0895
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