Yukon NDP "ready to form government": Hanson

Yukon NDP Leader Liz Hanson rallied a rousing crowd of New Democrats as she was nominated this evening to represent the party in Whitehorse Centre – a riding she has represented since December 2010. Speaking energetically about Yukon’s opportunities to prosper, Hanson laid the broad framework for the values that she wants to bring to government as Yukon’s premier.

“A Yukon NDP government means working with and for Yukoners,” Hanson told the gathering of over 80 New Democrats. “And this fall, that opportunity for renewed hope, respect and goodwill is exactly what we are going to offer Yukoners.”

Hanson also touched on some of the issues that her Official Opposition team has heard from Yukoners over the past five years. Creating jobs in a resilient economy can be achieved by investing in renewable energy, tourism and the knowledge economy. Hanson also emphasized the Yukon NDP’s support for a responsible mining industry whose actors play by the rules, work with First Nation governments and clean up when they’re done.

Hanson also pointed to the importance of reconciliation for a Yukon NDP government. “We believe that when we work with people with respect and goodwill, we will have boundless opportunity in this territory,” said Hanson. “It’s time to move beyond the courtroom and work in collaboration with First Nation governments to realize the potential that self-government agreements provide for all Yukoners.”

Hanson also committed to strengthening our health care system to better respond to Yukoners’ needs. “We can’t accept that Yukoners are having their surgeries cancelled because of a lack of planning by the government. It’s time to refocus on front line services to get results for patients and communities.”

“We are ready to form government with Yukoners and for Yukoners,” added Hanson. “We have a strong, experienced team that is growing every day. Let’s work together to elect a Yukon NDP government that will listen to and work with all Yukoners.”