Yukon NDP nominates linguist and educator André Bourcier to run in Copperbelt North

The Yukon NDP continued to gain momentum by nominating longtime Whitehorse resident André Bourcier as their candidate in Copperbelt North at a members' meeting last night. Bourcier is the Director of the Yukon Native Language Centre at Yukon Colleges Ayamdigut Campus in Whitehorse and the former chair of the Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon.

With the nomination behind him, Bourcier is wasting no time getting to work. Although he’s been campaigning for weeks already, he plans to double down and hear from every voter in his riding before Election Day.

“The Yukon NDP has spent the last five years touring Yukon and talking to Yukoners about the kind of territory they want to see,” said Bourcier, adding that listening and cooperation have been cornerstones of his professional life. “We hear over and over that people are frustrated by the bad decisions made by a government that doesn't listen to them. My neighbours in Copperbelt North have told me that they need more accessible health care. They don't see their voices reflected in the Yukon Party's support for a fossil fuel-based economy.”

Through his relationship with Yukon First Nations as head of the Yukon Native Language Centre, Bourcier saw firsthand the harm caused by the Yukon Party's preference for litigation over reconciliation. By insisting on legal remedies to challenges that should be negotiated, government-to-government, Bourcier believes that the Yukon Party has halted Yukon's economic development and prevented the development of stronger community-based public initiatives.

“I want to work with Yukon NDP Leader Liz Hanson, as our premier, to restore relationships with First Nations, restore trust, and continue to build on the promise of First Nations Final and Self-Government Agreements,” added Bourcier. “We can’t continue to let the court make decisions for us. We need a Yukon NDP government that will create land use planning certainty so that we can promote reconciliation, develop our economy and make people's lives better.”

For her part, the Yukon NDP Leader sees potential in Bourcier as a member of her future government.

“The Yukon NDP has a strong record or getting things done and working together with the community. André will work to uphold that record and work with all Yukoners to build a better future,” said Yukon NDP Leader Liz Hanson. ”He brings a wealth of experience to our team: as an educator, an administrator and a negotiator. André will be a wonderful representative for Copperbelt North.”