Yukon NDP Day of Action pledges solutions to territory's mental health care woes‏

The Yukon NDP’s team is hitting the streets today for a day of action with a simple message: Yukoners and their communities need urgent access to better mental health resources. After 14 years of Yukon Party inaction, broken promises and rising wait times, the Yukon NDP is pledging a boost to the territory’s mental health services by cutting wait times and getting more outreach workers into communities and onto people’s doorsteps.

“Health care means supporting individuals, families and their communities. In 14 years, the Yukon Party has not gotten the results that Yukoners have asked for to solve this urgent issue,” said Yukon NDP Health Critic and Riverdale South MLA Jan Stick. “We have listened to Yukoners and we are ready to get to work fixing Yukon’s mental health system in collaboration with the community.”

Listening to Yukoners’ health care stories has been a longstanding priority for the Yukon NDP. Stick has been a reliable source of support for people who have been unable to connect with the right services in the health care system. She sees a disconnect between the government and communities with unique mental wellness needs that range from training for informal caregivers to the support of a mental health worker.

The Yukon government is failing people with mental health care issues, who are being put on wait lists that can exceed eight months. Stick and the Yukon NDP are pledging investments in core services that will support people more quickly and provide ongoing care to communities that are being shortchanged.

“Wait times are too high in Whitehorse – but in places outside of the capital, where do you go when there isn’t anything to wait for?” Stick added. “It’s time for Yukoners to get the mental health services they deserve, and we’re highlighting that need through tomorrow’s day of action.”