Union rep McCue seeks Yukon NDP nomination in Lake Laberge

Union employee Bud McCue announced today his intention to run for the Yukon NDP in Lake Laberge. The business manager for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1574 says that it’s time to stand up for Yukon and puts Yukoners first. McCue is running for a spot on the Yukon NDP team because he believes in the party’s track record in office and Yukon NDP Leader Liz Hanson’s strong belief in consultation and collaborative decision-making.

First and foremost, McCue sees a crisis of leadership in Lake Laberge that needs to be addressed. He says the riding’s current MLA, a Yukon Party caucus member, has failed to take responsibility for his party’s actions – and that the community is getting frustrated as a result.

“I have gone to meetings in our community and seen people’s disappointment with the Yukon Party’s treatment of the Lake Laberge area,” said McCue, who has lived in Yukon since 1974. “Our MLA has not done a good job of representing us, and that was a big part of why I am throwing my hat in the ring.”

McCue says that Yukon can count on NDP governments to lay the groundwork for progress that makes Yukon a more prosperous place for everyone – no matter where you live. He points to the contrast between past Yukon NDP governments that collaborated with Yukoners and the Yukon Party government that fights people in court battles to get its way.

“The Yukon Party is trying to make ‘consultation’ a bad word – but talking to people and sharing ideas only makes us stronger,” added McCue. “The mounting costs of fighting Yukoners in failed attempts at getting their way are bad for Yukon.”

McCue cites the Peel Watershed Land Use Plan as an example of the Yukon Party’s desire to get their own way through the courts instead of through collaborative decision-making. He says that Yukoners have been ignored by a government that is more interested in helping its friends develop the region than listening to its constituents. He supports Liz Hanson’s belief that First Nation governments should be treated as partners – and that means working together to build a positive, sustainable future for Yukon’s land and water.

“With the strong leadership of Premier Liz Hanson, the Yukon NDP will do many new and great things that will make Yukoners proud,” concluded McCue. “I am excited to campaign for the chance to represent Liz Hanson’s team in Lake Laberge in the upcoming election.”