Thank you from Yukon NDP Leader Liz Hanson

Dear friends,

Thank you.

Over the past five years, you have helped the Yukon NDP become an effective and reliable voice for Yukoners.

I am so proud of the hard work of our Official Opposition team of Lois Moorcroft, Kevin Barr, Jan Stick, Jim Tredger and Kate White. We were lucky to be joined by a strong team of candidates who, through their diverse backgrounds and experience, stood ready to reinforce our caucus.

Together, we tackled tough issues and took principled stands. We listened to Yukoners and stood with you on the issues that matter, including the Peel Watershed Land Use Plan, fracking, trans* rights, mobile home owners’ rights, the Whistle Bend continuing care facility, home care, mental health, the Ross River bridge – and so many more.

The past five years have been remarkable. Never before has Yukon seen so many Yukoners from across the spectrum unite in common cause to demand that their voices are heard. As your NDP caucus, we were proud to stand with the hundreds of people who gathered regularly outside their legislature demanding to have their voices heard. I also want to thank those of you who heeded our call to come to bear witness; having citizens in the gallery gave us added strength, knowing that we were speaking on your behalf.

The outcome of Election 2016 was not what any of us hoped for.

And yet, in the midst of our sadness and disappointment at the loss of four amazing NDP MLAs, there is a realization that the Yukon NDP ran a positive, progressive and thoughtful campaign. And I am proud.

Kate White and I are committed to working hard for you and holding the new government to account.

I can’t begin to describe my gratitude to you for your contribution, whether it was financial or volunteering or a vote cast.

Over the past week, many have called and emailed to say: “let's begin now to get organized for the next election.” I agree.

I'm also hearing words that are music to my ears, like “how can I play an active role in the Yukon NDP?” I encourage everyone to keep in touch with the party so that we can keep building this movement together.

As I said on election night, we are a party built on love, hope and optimism.

I look forward to working with you to build on the great work done over the past five years as we gear up for the next five.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Hanson
Leader, Yukon NDP


Thumbnail photo: andreagp / flickr