Take Big Money out of Politics

The Yukon NDP will take big money out of politics, banning corporate and union donations to political parties as well as donations from outside of the territory.

“It’s time to take big money out of Yukon politics. Yukoners are fed up with a government that just hasn’t been there for them. Democracy belongs to people, not to whichever special interest group can pay the highest price,” said Hanson.

The Yukon NDP Opposition caucus proposed this idea in the spring, at which time both the Liberal Party and Pasloski’s conservative Yukon Party were opposed. The NDP says that bringing this proposal forward in the election will allow Yukoners to have their say.

“When parties take big donations from outside of the territory or from special interest groups, that can affect how decisions are made. It’s hard to stand up for Yukoners when you’re answering to others. It’s time to make Yukon elections about Yukoners,” said Hanson.