Take Action on FASD

The Yukon NDP will increase FASD assessments, support individuals living with FASD and address the over-representation of individuals with FASD in the criminal justice system.

Yukon NDP Riverdale North candidate Rod Snow has spent many years working on the issues facing Canadians with FASD, in the community and across party lines. Snow has been working with Conservatives, Liberals and New Democrats on this issue and was encouraged to hear from Federal NDP House Leader Murray Rankin that the NDP caucus in Ottawa would be supporting Bill C-235 which draws on Snow’s work to amend the criminal code with respect to individuals with FASD.

“Yukoners are concerned about how our community cares for individuals with FASD. For years, I have advocated for greater access to justice for individuals with FASD who are over-represented in our criminal courts,” said Snow. “Today we are one step closer to making that happen. It’s time.”

“Because Rod brought this issue to the attention of Canadians when he served as national president of the Canadian Bar Association, we all have a better understanding of why individuals with FASD are so frequently in conflict with the law,” said Rankin. “This is an important and overdue reform. I’m confident that we can help get it through Parliament and it will be due in large part to Rod’s tireless advocacy with all parties.”

The Yukon Legislature unanimously adopted a Yukon NDP resolution to support a previous version of Bill C-235 in 2014.


  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a group of effects that can occur in a person whose mother consumed alcohol during pregnancy. Individuals with FASD often have physical problems and problems with behavior and learning (because of damage/physical changes to their brains).
  • Seen in about 1% of overall population, FASD diagnosed in 17.5% involved in Yukon justice system, or about one in six. 
  • In many cases, jail does not deter and cannot rehabilitate individuals with FASD.