Stu Clark


Whitehorse West

Stu Clark is very experienced in environmental engineering and food security, and is a graduate from a chemical engineering program. He sees great opportunities in a time of rapid national and global change. For Yukon, the promise of new energy sources, increased local food production, new and better relationships with First Nations and the protection of local ecosystems offer hope for the coming generations.

“We can have a hope-filled future if we put our energy into a visionary plan that harnesses our abundant renewable resources and the power of government-to-government collaboration,” said Clark. “I want to be part of a government setting out on that new adventure.”

Clark is the former chair of the Yukon Development Education Centre as well as an active member of the Whitehorse United Church, where he is the Chair of Social Justice. His volunteerism has extended to refugee resettlement and sustainable development work in Manitoba, as well as grassroots economic development in Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam and Ethiopia.

With a background steeped in community development and shared prosperity, it’s no surprise that Clark has chosen to run for the Yukon NDP. The Official Opposition’s experienced team has been hard at work over the past five years on behalf of Yukoners whose voices haven’t been heard by the Yukon Party.

“The Yukon NDP team, to a person, is full of integrity and belief in the positive things we can do to make our communities better off,” added Clark. “I want to be part of the team that solves Yukon’s biggest problems and helps Yukoners become more prosperous.”


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