Small Business Growth Strategy and Buy Yukon Policy

A Yukon NDP government will support and grow Yukon small and local businesses with a comprehensive Small Business Growth Strategy and Buy Yukon policy.

“Small businesses are the heart of our future economic prosperity and stability. Yukoners want a robust entrepreneurial economy that is self-reliant and fully able to adapt, innovate and invest,” said Hanson. “Small businesses have been lost in the shuffle with a government focused on benefits for Outside corporations. It’s time for a government that is a champion for the sector.”

The Yukon NDP Small Business Growth Strategy will:

  • improve access to risk and venture capital in partnership with financial institutions, First Nations development corporations, and other parties;
  • work with rural communities, Yukon First Nations and partners to create regional development strategies; and
  • support access to Yukon employees by continuing to fund the YuWin local job board as requested by Yukon businesses.

“The Yukon NDP believes that facilitating greater investment in Yukon businesses, including by First Nation governments and corporations, is key to building a better Yukon for generations to come,” said Hanson. “We also know we can ensure growth and stability across the territory with a government willing to work with communities to develop regional strategies.”

A Yukon NDP government will also develop and implement local procurement policies and practices in partnership with businesses, contractors and service providers. These will improve working relationships and enhance government’s ability to purchase locally and support Yukon hires in a cost-effective manner.

“Every dollar we spend and re-circulate in Yukon means more prosperity, stability and potential for Yukon’s workers, businesses and economy as a whole,” said Hanson. “We believe Yukon taxpayers money should create jobs and business opportunities for Yukon workers, business and industry, not workers, contractors and suppliers from outside the territory.”

The current Yukon government procurement system is viewed as unfair and confusing. A Yukon NDP government will work hard to maximize local participation and benefits from Yukon government expenditures.