PTSD Coverage for Workers

A Yukon NDP government will develop and enact presumptive post-traumatic stress disorder legislation for all workers covered by the Yukon Workers Compensation Board. While some professions are more vulnerable to PTSD than others, anyone can experience it. Some workers experience  PTSD through workplace harassment or bullying.

“Our caucus put out a bill on this issue in 2015, proposing PTSD coverage for first responders. But after we put this forward, a number of people in other professions came to us, saying that they experience PTSD as well – many of them were front-line healthcare workers, people delivering mental health supports and corrections officers. They would benefit greatly from being included in this legislation,” said NDP Candidate in Riverdale South, Jan Stick.

“This is a great example of how government should work – ideas should be put forward, and then the government should listen to the community for ideas on how to make proposals better. This better idea was developed with the community, and is stronger for it,” said Stick.