Protect the Rights of Mobile Home Owners

A Yukon NDP government will protect mobile home owners by putting a cap on pad rental increases, removing evictions without cause and putting a stop to policies that treat mobile home owners like renters.

Under Yukon’s Landlord and Tenant Act, mobile home owners are treated as renters and can be evicted without cause. They work hard to pay off mortgages to have the security of ownership, just like other home-owners. But unlike other home-owners, they can be evicted at no fault of their own.

Further, there is no cap on increases to pad rents. This leaves the door open for landlords to take advantage of the limited choices of mobile home owners by increasing pad rents. Over the years we’ve seen ever-increasing pad rent that has turned much-needed affordable housing into unaffordable housing. This has to stop.

“Housing is a human right and mobile home ownership is an important part of Yukon’s housing market because it’s affordable,” says Yukon NDP candidate for Takhini-Kopper King Kate White. “But I have had to fight Pasloski’s conservative Yukon Party government time and time again over the past five years to even get the voice of mobile home owners heard. It wasn't until I tabled a petition signed by hundreds of mobile owners that the Yukon Party even acknowledged them.”

“I’ve owned my mobile home for 26 years, this place is my community,” said Charles Behan, resident of Takhini Trailer Court. “I’m frustrated the government treats us differently. I invite Pasloski to come see what a vibrant and diverse community we are. We are home-owners and should be treated that way.”

“The Yukon party was never there for these Yukoners," said White. “It’s time to give them a voice.”