Platform 2016


Personal Message from Liz Hanson
Leader, Yukon New Democrats

Dear friend,

This election is a watershed moment for Yukoners. It is about the things that matter to us: equality and opportunity for all, leadership you can trust, and a positive plan to strengthen our economy.

I am privileged to lead a great team of highly qualified candidates who will build on the Yukon New Democrats’ proud history of getting things done in government. We recognize your desire for change, for a government with both a long-term vision as well as an action plan to meet your current priorities.

Individuals, communities, small businesses and industry are facing compelling challenges that they expect government to help them address. The NDP plans to:

  • Meet the challenges created by the ups and downs of our economy, making sure no one is left behind,
  • Get to work on transitioning to a green economy with new jobs while tackling climate change,
  • Work closely with Yukoners to make the tough choices needed to improve our health care system, and
  • Re-engage with Yukoners who have up to now been ignored by a combative, secretive government.

The needs are great – we cannot accomplish it all overnight. But with our commitment to do politics differently, you can count on a New Democratic government to take a principled and practical approach that brings people together instead of driving them apart. When we lead, we listen.

New Democrats want a Yukon where the spirit of reconciliation unites government in common cause with First Nations to unlock economic and community development opportunities that will benefit us all. We value collaboration and partnerships with municipalities, the labour movement, Francophones and cultural communities, and our many community organizations.

Our vision is of a better, stronger Yukon where no one is left behind. You can trust a New Democratic government to work closely with Yukoners to ensure that we build the kind of territory we want – with a resilient economy and healthy communities – for ourselves and for future generations.

Together, we can be the positive change that the Yukon needs now.

Elizabeth (Liz) Hanson
Leader, Yukon New Democrats