Pat Berrel


Porter Creek Centre

Long-time Yukoner Pat Berrel’s priorities are the economy, education and services for people with challenges.

“Like many other Yukoners, I’m concerned about the economic slowdown we’re experiencing. We need to redouble our efforts to support innovation and reduce red tape.” Pat wants education to be more school-centred. “Schools need more autonomy so they can deliver the programs that make sense for the pupils and families,” he says. “The government should support this rather than impose a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Pat has volunteered for many years with organizations and committees that support people with challenges like the Yukon Association for Community Living, Challenge and the Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee. “We need a Yukon-wide approach to improve accessibility and safety for people with physical challenges,” he says.

An experienced leader, Pat is passionate about people and working with others on common goals. As a teacher and principal, he worked on the front lines with struggling families and kids for 20 years here in Whitehorse – he know the issues they face and the difference that government programs and decisions can make in the quality of their lives.

Pat is already a familiar face to many people in Porter Creek Centre, having knocked on doors for the NDP candidate in the last election. “I know first-hand that many people today face economic and social challenges,” Pat says. “Working together, I know the NDP can make the Yukon the best it can be and I plan to be part of the solution.”


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