Say no to fracking in Yukon

The Yukon Party government is introducing hydraulic fracturing to Yukon.

Despite strong opposition from Yukon First Nation governments, the scientific community and the Yukon public, Premier Darrell Pasloski's Yukon Party government has opened our territory to fracking -- a non-traditional natural gas exploitation method whose negative environmental impacts make it an unsafe practice.

Less than a month after a legislative committee report called for 21 conditions to be met before fracking could proceed, leaked documents and internal emails show that the Yukon Party government has been quietly preparing to force fracking on Yukoners -- no matter the cost to our communities, our land and our water.

It doesn't have to be this way. Rather than focus on fossil fuels, we believe that Yukon's long-term energy future involves doing more to develop more renewable energy sources.

Join the Yukon NDP's campaign to oppose fracking and stand up for clean land and water.

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