Yukon Project: Yukon Jobs

A Yukon NDP government will create more local job opportunities for Yukoners, starting by requiring that when public dollars are used to build projects, training and apprenticeship opportunities must be available for Yukoners, Yukon NDP leader Liz Hanson announced today.

“When public dollars are used to build a project in the Yukon, Yukoners should get the jobs and opportunities that come with them,” said Hanson. “We will never see our rising unemployment fall as long as Outsiders come in, build our projects and leave.”

The Yukon NDP will include training opportunities and employment in the tendering process for government capital projects.

“It’s time for new ideas. When the government builds projects, we need to recognize that the returns on a project are more than just cost-savings and a building at the end – there are opportunities for local employment and training,” said Hanson. “The Yukon Party has been leaving those opportunities on the table to benefit Outside corporations. I will not.”