Green Energy Investment Fund

A Yukon NDP government will invest $50 million to help jump start a robust renewable energy sector that creates good jobs for Yukoners and cuts down on carbon emissions. The Green Energy Investment Fund will see $50 million invested over five years to finance a diversified renewable energy economy.

“It’s time to make better choices for our economy and the environment to maintain our quality of life here in the Yukon today and for generations to come,” said Hanson. “Let’s be world leaders on renewable energy and create sustainable, good-paying jobs that aren’t held hostage to world commodity prices.”

A Yukon NDP Government will invest $10 million every year for five years in a Green Energy Investment Fund. An estimated three million of this could come from the federally mandated carbon price.

“It’s time for a government that is a champion for renewable energy and stable jobs. Yukoners are fed up with a government that just hasn’t been there for people,” said Hanson. “Our plan will help meet our growing energy needs and create long-term jobs, not keep the Yukon stuck in the past.”

A Yukon NDP government will actively seek partnerships to grow the fund to $100 million dollars to create a long-term resilient economy. The funding would allow government, entrepreneurs and First Nation Development Corporations to build new, scalable energy projects that power the Yukon and employ Yukoners for generations.

The Yukon NDP also knows what a difference these technologies can make in the homes of Yukoners. A portion of this fund will be set aside to help Yukoners install energy-saving technologies in their homes.

In addition to the fund, a Yukon NDP government will improve Yukon’s energy-related capacity with training, research, development and technology. We will also lead by example by upgrading the energy efficiency of existing government buildings, and design and construct better future buildings with energy conservation and renewable technologies top of mind.