More Doctors and Nurses in Yukon Communities

A Yukon NDP government will attract more doctors and nurses to the Yukon by helping to pay back tuition fees for any Yukoner who studies medicine and comes back to practice in the territory.

“This is the time for big ideas,” said Hanson. “The old way of doing things hasn’t been working – and this is a way to invest in the dreams of our youth and also care for our territory. It’s about opportunity, and about giving back.”

The Yukon NDP plans to introduce a tax credit equivalent to university tuition fees for residents who study to become doctors or nurses and return to work in the territory. The credit will incentivize Yukon residents studying to become doctors and nurses to return home, serve Yukoners, and strengthen community health care services.

“The bottom line is this – if you’re a Yukoner who has the grades and the drive to study medicine, we want you to come home when you’re done,” said Hanson. “We want you to build a future here – and we’ll help you do that.”

Quick Facts:

  • A Yukon NDP government will introduce a territorial tax credit, equivalent to university tuition fees, for residents who study to become doctors and nurses and return to the territory to work.
  • The tax credit will be paid out over time as professionals practice in the territory, helping with student loan payments.
  • The program will be phased in and be responsive to the healthcare needs of Yukoners. The program will contain provisions for adding health professionals to all regions that require it.
  • Initially, $500,000 will be allocated to this program.