Long-serving NDP MLA Moorcroft confirms her re-election bid in Copperbelt South

Copperbelt South MLA Lois Moorcroft, whose political career spans terms as a Yukon NDP government minister and opposition critic, was officially given the go-ahead to represent the party once again in this year's territorial election. Moorcroft says that she wants another term in office to build a brighter future for her grandchildren and the next generation of Yukoners.

"I want our grandchildren and our planet to thrive. Yukon has prospered under Yukon NDP governments, including one I was privileged to serve in as a minister," said Moorcroft. "We have important decisions to make for Yukon's future. We need a government that will listen to people. "

Moorcroft served as the vice-chair of the Yukon Legislative Assembly's fracking committee, which tabled a report on the controversial gas extraction practice that reflected Yukon's widespread opposition to its introduction as well as wide-ranging scientific concerns with its safety.

And as the NDP's Highways and Public Works Critic, Moorcroft has effectively called the Yukon Party to account for failing to manage public money properly. Under questioning from Moorcroft, the government was forced to admit that it did not know how much it would cost to operate and maintain its controversial 300-bed Whistle Bend continuing care complex. She has also repeatedly advocated for stronger local hiring practices in government contracts.

Moorcroft has been the Copperbelt's voice in the Yukon legislature on the Yukon Party's proposed Alaska Highway corridor expansion. ''Residents and business owners have told me the government hasn't proved the need for the costly widening of the highway," she said.

"I want to continue to represent my neighbours," added Moorcroft. "I love my job and I'm looking forward to a return to government under Premier Liz Hanson and an experienced Yukon NDP team."