It's Time to Recognize and Regulate Midwifery


Yukon New Democrats have been on the record for a long time supporting midwifery as part of our health care continuum. Yukon is one of the last jurisdictions in Canada without legislated, publicly funded midwifery. It’s time for that to change.

Pasloski’s conservative Yukon Party government, and ones before them, failed to deliver for well over 15 years. A Yukon New Democratic team will move this ahead as a priority.

A Yukon NDP government will:

  • recognize and regulate midwifery in partnership with the Community Midwifery Association Yukon and other stakeholders; 
  • include midwifery as a funded service through Yukon medicare; and, 
  • support access to midwifery.

We respect midwives as highly educated and trained birthing experts, who practice a model of collaborative care with women and families at the centre of healthy childbirth. The evidence is clear that midwifery can offer health care benefits to mother and child, as well as being a cost-effective birthing option.

Yukon New Democrats believe Yukon women and families ought to have the freedom to choose their birthing method. And we believe Yukoners want regulated, professional midwifery in the territory.

We will strengthen health care services in a practical and effective manner. Removing artificial barriers to take advantage of the skills and training of midwives would also support the provision of health care services to Yukoners at the right place and the right time.