Yukon NDP ready to offer meaningful change for Yukoners

Today, Yukon NDP leader Liz Hanson announced the launch of the Yukon NDP 2016 territorial campaign on the bank of the Yukon River surrounded by candidates and supporters. Hanson set the stage for the major pillars of the Yukon NDP’s vision for a better future for Yukon and all Yukoners.

“We worked hard for five years in the Legislature to voice the concerns of Yukoners when government had shut them out. It’s time for a government that will not only listen, but involve and work with Yukoners,” said Hanson. “The Yukon NDP will earn the trust of Yukoners, be principled and clear, and be a partner in fostering an economy that will earn the praise of both Yukoners and the Conference Board of Canada.”

Yukon’s First Nations are at the core of the Yukon NDP’s vision. A Yukon NDP government will honour and respect the government-to-government relationship with Yukon First Nations.

“We know that reconciliation is more than vague promises – it is a process. There are no short cuts.”

A Yukon NDP government will also be a feminist government committed to social justice and the wellbeing of all Yukoners, not just the fortunate few.

She also addressed the Yukon NDP vision for a collaborative health care system that is public, accessible and provided when needed, where needed. The Yukon NDP will work with Yukon seniors who want to stay home as long as possible and to provide health care in our communities. Too many Yukoners feel left out of our health care system.

The Yukon NDP will foster a robust and resilient economy built on diversity that will make sure hard-working Yukoners are not as vulnerable to the uncertainty of boom and bust cycles. Standing by the Yukon River, Hanson committed to working hard to see Yukon’s tourism and culture sectors reach their potential. The Yukon NDP also know you can’t have a strong economy without a healthy environment.

“The Liberals and the Conservative Yukon Party are trying to scare us by saying we can’t maintain jobs and protect our environment, said Hanson. “The Yukon NDP knows that if we want long-term jobs and a sustainable economy, renewable energy is the future. It’s time for a government that steps up and takes immediate action to address the realities of climate change in the North and see the Yukon be a global leader in renewable energy.”

As they have been advocating for years, a Yukon NDP reasserted its plan to ban fracking. The Yukon Party’s disregard of the land and the Liberals’ weak call for a temporary moratorium do not reflect the clear demands of Yukoners to keep the Yukon frack free. Further, the Yukon NDP will partner with the provinces and territories to implement a fair and effective carbon price where half of revenues is refunded to low- and middle-income Yukoners and the other half invested in building Yukon’s future.

“This is a watershed moment for Yukon – an historic opportunity,” said Hanson. “We have to act now to ensure a bright, sustainable future for our territory. Together, we are strong. Together we can build a better Yukon.” 


For more information, please contact:
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