Lawyer Rod Snow acclaimed for Yukon NDP in Riverdale North

The Yukon NDP’s Riverdale North campaign took on steam as its members elected accomplished lawyer Rod Snow as their candidate this evening. Snow will carry the NDP banner in hopes that he can close the 70-vote gap that saw the party finish a close second in the riding during the last territorial election.

With the nomination secured, Snow is eager to get to work. He told the crowd of party faithful that he plans to run a positive, Riverdale-focused campaign that builds on the work of Yukon NDP MLA Jan Stick, the community’s other representative. Snow cited his cross-partisan work in support of individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in the justice system as well as his presidency of the Canadian Bar Association as he invited Yukon Party and Liberal supporters to rally behind his election bid.

“The Yukon NDP has record of governing that we can all be proud of: things like Yukon College, the Human Rights Act, and the Umbrella Final Agreement,” said Snow. “And today we have an experienced NDP caucus led by Liz Hanson that was seasoned in the crucible of the Yukon legislature and ready to govern on Day One.”

Snow, also a former Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce board member, plans to make a strong local economy a pillar of his campaign. The awarding of big government contracts like the F.H. Collins Secondary School to Outside contractors sends jobs out of the territory – a critique echoed by Yukon business and labour leaders who want to see Yukoners hired for Yukon projects.

Meanwhile, Snow would like to explore creative partnerships with Yukon First Nation governments and their trusts that could bring some of their land claims money home to work for Yukoners to improve local infrastructure. As a lawyer for a number of Yukon First Nations, Snow was on the front lines of the unnecessary fights and court cases waged by the Yukon Party with First Nations.

“I want to work with Premier Liz Hanson to rebuild bridges with First Nations, restore trust, and realize the promise of First Nations Final and Self-government Agreements,” added Snow. “It’s the right thing to do. We are all treaty people, and I believe that the Yukon government must always act in good faith and honour its obligations to Yukon First Nations. We fail to do this to our collective detriment.”

“The path to victory and a new NDP government runs right through Riverdale North. We can win Riverdale North and elect a new Yukon NDP government with Liz Hanson as our Premier. Together we can build a better, more prosperous Yukon.”