Invest in Tourism for a Stronger Economy

A Yukon NDP government will diversify the economy and promote growth with investments in tourism.

“Under Pasloski’s conservative Yukon Party we find ourselves more vulnerable than ever to global commodity prices,” says Yukon NDP Leader Liz Hanson. “The current government always finds opportunities to benefit their Outside corporate donors when times are good, but local people and businesses are left hanging when times are tough. We need to diversify the economy and create new opportunities for the future, and there is no better place to start than the tourism sector, which has incredible potential.”

A Yukon NDP government will invest in tourism infrastructure, such as new campsites, hiking trails, wilderness viewing opportunities and growing the stocked lake program.

A Yukon NDP government will also invest in strong marketing campaigns, working in collaboration with industry to target high-return markets and develop regional tourism plans with rural communities.

“We live in a stunning place. People from all over the world save their money for years to travel here and experience what we live next to every day,” said Hanson. “Investing in tourism benefits the people who live here. We will strengthen our economy, create jobs, and help our businesses weather commodity price shocks in the future.”

The Yukon NDP says their investments will create jobs and contracting opportunities now, while positioning the Yukon for a stronger tourism industry in the future.

The Facts:

  • The Territorial Outlook from the Conference Board of Canada lists Yukon’s economy as facing the bleakest near-term outlook of all provinces and territories.
  • The outlook for Yukon’s mining sector is not expected to substantially improve until the early 2020s.
  • A resource-extraction focused economy, staffed by outside workers, has left Yukon vulnerable to commodity-price shocks. A boom and bust economy leaves Yukon’s retail and other sectors vulnerable.
  • The Yukon NDP will make economic diversification a priority, with strong investments the tourism industry.
  • The Yukon NDP will make substantial investments in Yukon’s tourism industry to showcase Yukon’s wilderness:     
    • Increase number of campsites and hiking trails at Yukon parks and campgrounds, by increasing the budget by 43% (to $500,000 annually)
    • Invest in new wilderness viewing opportunities and work with communities to develop eco-tourism in Yukon’s Parks, such as Tombstone.
    • Enhance the stocked lakes program for improved angling success
    • Collaborate with Industry on a 10-year plan to determine priorities for new tourism attractions and experiences.
    • Market these new opportunities by:
      • Sponsoring marketing projects that target high-return markets
      • Develop regional tourism plans
      • Support Dawson’s bid to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site