Important announcement

I am writing this note today because, I want you to hear directly from me that that I am stepping down as leader of the Yukon New Democratic Party.

I thank you for the support, shown in so many ways, since I took on the leadership of the party in the fall of 2009. It has been a journey that has been, on both a personal and political level, more challenging and gratifying than I could have ever imagined.

It takes heart and drive to succeed in any endeavour- and, I would say more so in politics than most others.

For many years I had both heart and drive- bolstered in so many ways by my partner and husband, Douglas. His death two months after the 2016 election quite frankly, took more out of me than I could ever have thought possible.

Some months ago, I asked the Yukon NDP Board to put together a plan to select a new leader. I am grateful to them for the work they have put into establishing a well thought out process to guide a leadership race for the Yukon NDP.

Over the next few weeks, the Board will communicate how this process will unfold and I want to encourage you to take part in this exciting new chapter of our party’s history.

Getting involved in the Yukon NDP means working alongside so many activists who work tirelessly to make Yukon an even better place. It’s what I have valued the most in my time as leader- no matter what role you take on you will find in the NDP a welcoming group of people committed to creating a just society.

While we are turning a new page, rest assured that this is not the last time you will hear from me. To ensure a smooth transition, I have agreed to continue to serve as leader of the Yukon NDP until my successor is chosen. I will also continue to proudly represent the citizens of Whitehorse Centre who first granted me the privilege of representing them in December 2010.

Thank you –

A luta continua!

Liz Hanson
Leader, Yukon NDP
MLA for Whitehorse Centre