Hodgins first to announce Yukon NDP nomination bid in Pelly—Nisutlin

Ken Hodgins announced today that he is running to win the Yukon NDP nomination in Pelly-Nisutlin. The 14-year Little Salmon Lake home owner says that Ross River, Faro and Teslin residents face pressing problems caused by years of divisive Yukon Party rule that has sidelined improvements to health care and education as well as poisoned relationships with First Nation governments. For Hodgins, Liz Hanson and the Yukon NDP are the only team that are committed to take action.

“Liz Hanson may well be the best qualified leader any party in Yukon has had in 20 or more years,” says Hodgins. “Like Liz, I see economic and social collaboration with First Nations as the key to unlocking much greater potential for all of Yukon.”

Hodgins added that Pelly–Nisutlin residents are frustrated by 14 years of Yukon Party rule. The chronic shortage of community nurses and mental health workers coupled with band-aid job creation efforts have grown to crisis levels under the Yukon Party’s watch. Meanwhile, Ross River residents are still waiting for answers to the denial of community empowerment revealing itself in repeated tragedies and chronic problems like its stray dog emergency.

“Ross River is tired of relying on Whitehorse to fix community issues – the Yukon Party hasn’t even been able to fix the bridge [pictured above]. I want to be on the team that is ready to get to work right away on our communities’ pressing problems,” said Hodgins. “Faro, Ross River and Teslin are communities of wonderful people with a special history and distinct challenges who deserve better.”

Hodgins has worked at a senior level for First Nations across much of Canada, dealing with job creation, economic development, participating and assisting in business start-ups and partnerships. He also worked as Director of Community Services for territorial governments led by all three parties. During that time, Hodgins saw that Yukon NDP governments have the best records of collaborative governance, responsible economic development, job creation, and support for Yukon families.

Hodgins has been involved in Pelly–Nisutlin for the entire twenty years his family has been in Yukon. Impressed by the beauty and people of the region, Hodgins bought property 14 years ago and built a home at Little Salmon Lake. He worked with Faro, Ross River and Teslin staff and leaders as Yukon’s Director of Community Services.


Photo: yukonlife / flickr. CC-BY 2.0.