Former chamber of commerce president and lawyer Rod Snow announces Yukon NDP candidacy

Riverdale resident Rod Snow announced today that he will seek the Yukon NDP nomination for Riverdale North. He has worked as a lawyer in private practice serving Yukon individuals, businesses and Yukon First Nations.

Rod grew up in Nova Scotia and moved to the Yukon with his family 23 years ago. He and his wife Heather MacFadgen raised their three children Ben, Emily and Noah in Riverdale, where both of his sons still live.

Since then, he has worked extensively with Yukon First Nations and with the mining industry. During his career, Rod has been recognized as a leading Canadian lawyer in mining and aboriginal law and listed in the International Who’s Who of Mining Lawyers. As a lawyer for a number of Yukon First Nations, Rod saw firsthand the damage done by the unnecessary fights and lost court cases that our current government has waged with Yukon First Nations.

“I want to work with Liz Hanson and an NDP government to rebuild bridges with First Nations, restore trust, and realize the promise of First Nations Final and Self-Government Agreements,” Rod said this morning, noting the harm this strained relationship does to Yukon’s mining industry. “Industry gets it. Money avoids risk. And the uncertainty caused by Yukon Party fights with Yukon First Nations has only made it harder to raise money for Yukon projects in global investment markets.”

Rod understands the changes needed to get Yukon’s mining industry back on its feet. “The Premier seems to think that his role is to be a cheerleader for the mining industry. But that is not enough,” Rod added. “I support mining that plays by the rules, respects First Nations, employs Yukoners, and cleans up when it is done.”

As the first Northern President of the Canadian Bar Association, Rod advocated on behalf of individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in the criminal justice system. He has helped former and current Yukon members of Parliament write private members’ bills to improve access to justice for these individuals.

“I believe we need an NDP government that brings Yukoners together in common purpose. We need to rebuild bridges to Yukon First Nations,” Rod concluded. “We need to rebuild bridges to municipalities. And we need to rebuild bridges to our communities by listening hard to all Yukoners.”