First Year of Tuition at Yukon College Free for Yukoners

Yukon NDP Leader Liz Hanson announced what would be a Canada-first – a plan for free first year of college for Yukoners.

“We choose to live here for a quality of life you can’t get other places. Our plan to make the first year at Yukon College free for Yukoners will allow people to stay here in the Yukon to pursue their dreams, access a world-class education – and do so while keeping student debt at bay,” said Hanson.

The Yukon NDP’s proposal will offer Yukon residents a barrier-free opportunity to start their education or gain new skills.

“By making it easier to access an education, Yukoners will be able to start their education or upgrade their skills. That’s key to attracting new investment, starting new businesses and kick-starting economic growth in new sectors. The Yukon NDP plan is about putting Yukoners first by making education accessible for everyone who lives here.”



  • Yukon College was home to 685 full-time and 526 part time students in credited programming last year. The number of registrations for non-credit programming was 4,172 students registering for 7,818 non-credit courses/activities.

  • In that year, revenue from tuition and registration fees for all credited and non-credited programming was $1,218,000.

  • The Yukon NDP commitment covers first-year credited programming for Yukon residents. While the cost of the NDP commitment will depend on demand, the cost is estimated to be $1,000,000.

  • The NDP commitment will be open to full and part time students, and students will save between $900-$3450 with this program.

  • Residency requirements will be established based on eligibility requirements for other programs that have a Yukon residency requirement.