Young community organizer Erin Labonte wins Watson Lake nomination race

Tonight, Yukon NDP members in Watson Lake chose dedicated Watson Lake volunteer and key organizer of Yukon’s branch of Cystic Fibrosis Canada Erin Labonte to be the Yukon NDP candidate for the upcoming territorial election. Labonte ran against another youthful candidate, disability advocate Devin Brodhagen.

“I am humbled by the support of my community and grateful for this opportunity,” said Labonte. “I will work hard to build a better future for Watson Lake. This starts with health. A healthy community is necessary to ensure a sustainable economy for generations to come.”

Labonte is no stranger to community service, despite her youth. In addition to success raising the most money per capita in Western Canada for Cystic Fibrosis research, she volunteers regularly at the Watson Lake daycare, serves as the president of Watson Lake Minor Softball and organizes community events for the Fire Department.

Labonte is ready to do more for the people of Watson Lake. Running for the Yukon NDP was the opportunity she was waiting for.

“My community is going through tough times because of the economic missteps and neglect of our public health care system,” said Labonte. The Yukon NDP’s belief in better mental health care and front-line services in communities is the way forward for Watson Lake and Yukon. By listening to the community and working together, we can build a bettertomorrow.”

For Labonte, having to travel to Whitehorse for mental health support is not sustainable nor beneficial to the community. She is also concerned about the revolving door of health care professionals passing through town, a shortfall of community nurses, and a lack of low-income housing. As a representative in a Yukon NDP government, she will commit to a community-based approach that ensures Watson Lake thrives.

“Both nominees offered a vibrant, youthful energy to the people of Watson Lake, and I am not surprised they chose the Yukon NDP as the key to a brighter future,” said Liz Hanson, Yukon NDP leader. “Erin is dedicated and hardworking. As a strong community leader, she is an inspiring role model for the next generation of Yukoners. It is my pleasure to thank Devin for running and congratulate Erin who will be yet another strong candidate for the Yukon NDP.”