Nominations: sensing winds of change, energy powerhouse Sally Wright announces Yukon NDP nomination bid in Kluane

Renewable energy expert, artist, writer and longtime Kluane resident Sally Wright has announced her plans to run for the Yukon NDP in her home riding in the next territorial election. Wright, an emerging Yukon filmmaker and a longtime member of the Yukon Conservation Society, says that the NDP's belief that Yukon needs a robust green energy future resonates with her views about energy and positive community development.

"Kluane is a beautiful place that's home to a pristine landscape, vibrant, resourceful communities and the best water to drink," said Wright today. "I'm running alongside Liz Hanson and the Yukon NDP because I want to make sure that green jobs and a protected environment are there for our children to enjoy far into the future."

Wright's announcement comes at a time when Yukon's political discussion has been dominated by the future of our energy industry. Internationally renowned environmentalist Bill McKibben's speech to the Yukon NDP's Change 2016 conference reiterated that the rest of the world is increasingly turning their back on dangerous unconventional oil and gas extraction methods like fracking that the Yukon Party wants to implement in the Liard Basin. And a Friday editorial in the Yukon News concluded that the government has resoundingly dropped the ball in developing a responsive, diverse renewable energy plan for the territory.

"When it comes to our energy future, Yukon cannot continue to make poor and misinformed energy policy," Wright added. "The stakes are so high. This election will have an immeasurable impact on whether our communities can participate and thrive in the global low-carbon future."

"The winds of change are blowing in Yukon. I look forward to visiting with all my neighbours and talking with them about their vision for Kluane and why I want to be a candidate alongside Liz and her experienced team."