Nominations: "energized and hopeful" MLA Kate White announces re-election bid surrounded by neighbours

Flanked by some of her closest supporters, Takhini–Kopper King MLA Kate White launched her re-election campaign ahead of this year's Yukon election. The announcement, made across from the Takhini Mobile Home Court in White's riding, underscored her desire to continue advocating for action on affordable housing for all Yukoners and a stronger focus on eliminating poverty.

“My community placed their trust in me five years ago to hold the Yukon Party's feet to the fire over issues like affordable housing and environmental stewardship – and I've done just that,” said White, who serves as the Yukon NDP's housing critic. “Now I'm asking once more for their trust to build on my work and use the experience I've gained to continue advocating for a better Yukon.”

White's tireless dedication to her work as an MLA has garnered her resounding praise from her constituents. Notorious for maintaining an open-door policy and offering her help to anyone looking for help related to government affairs or any obstacles they are facing, White plans to bring that same energy and openness to a future Yukon NDP government.

Lilliannu Strauss, who lives in the Northland mobile home park in Takhini—Kopper King, agrees that “Kate has been a passionate and tireless advocate” for her homeowner rights. “We all need to get on board with Kate so she can continue promoting our needs.”

600 College Drive resident Bonnie Dalziel, also one of Kate’s constituents, agrees: “Kate has had a huge impact on many seniors in her riding. I can’t remember meeting someone so dedicated to her job. Kate is the kind of representative that listens – and then actually helps you find a solution.”

”People tell me every day that they want a government that actually listens, and our Yukon NDP team has never been closer to a new era in Yukon politics,” added White. “I feel energized and hopeful about the change that's on the horizon for Yukon.”