Climate change a political football for Yukon Party and Liberals

Yukon NDP ready to make Yukon a partner in securing a better future

In an unsurprising move, the Yukon Party announced Monday that they lobbied the provinces to support Yukon removed from a national carbon price plan and, with it, meaningful action on climate change.

The Yukon Liberals declared categorical support for carbon pricing last week, then changed their tune to opposing it but would implement a price because the Federal Government will force Yukon's hand. In Silver’s own words, “Pretending otherwise is failing to stand up for Yukoners.” However, they flip flopped once again and now claim they would actively oppose the federal plan: "Yukon Liberals will NOT impose a carbon tax in Yukon."

They now have a responsibility to tell Yukoners what they actually believe and their plan for staying on the “right side of history.”

This leaves the Yukon NDP as the party willing to take meaningful action to fight climate change by working with Yukoners to find a way to implement a reasonable and effective made-in-Yukon carbon price plan. The Yukon NDP supports a price on carbon not because the Federal Government told us to, but because it is one of the most effective tools in the fight against climate change.

“We have seen the devastating impact to our land and our economy of melting permafrost and unpredictable weather conditions, and we will not back out of our responsibility to our children’s children,” said Yukon NDP Leader Liz Hanson. “The other two parties are playing politics with our future. It’s the same with fracking: while the Yukon Party is caving to big industry lobbying and the Liberals would only commit to a temporary moratorium.”

Both parties are trying to scare the vast majority of Yukoners who oppose fracking that jobs will be lost. The Yukon NDP knows that if we want long-term jobs, a sustainable economy and to see seven generations prosper on this land, that renewable energy is the future. The Yukon NDP will fully ban fracking in the territory.

The Yukon NDP has been listening to Yukoners and heard that they are ready to do their part to go beyond retrofitting buildings and transition to a green economy, with a strong renewable energy sector and long-term, skilled green jobs.

A Yukon NDP Government will immediately begin consultation with Yukon public, Yukon businesses and Yukon First Nation Governments to develop a made-in-Yukon model where half of the revenues are invested in a strong renewable energy sector with long-term jobs and the other half will go to ensuring low- and middle-income Yukoners are no worse off financially.

“Of course there are unique challenges in the Yukon, but rather than give up we will put in the hard work needed to make the move to renewable energy,” said Hanson. “The Yukon Party decided to play politics instead by making claims while refusing to release the hundreds of pages of government research on the impact of carbon pricing on the territory.”

The realities of climate change mean that we cannot be bystanders. The Yukon NDP will not sacrifice our future because changing from the status quo is inconvenient. Together, it’s possible.


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