Chua-Tan announces Yukon NDP bid in Porter Creek South

Whitehorse–Local realtor and former Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Queen Shirley Chua-Tan is announcing plans to represent the Yukon NDP in Porter Creek South.

Chua-Tan is focused on supporting a more diverse local economy that promotes tourism, education, business, immigration and responsible mining. The Yukon Party’s economic track record shows that it’s time for change. Under the current government, Yukon's projected surplus has shrunk from $85 million to just $1.2 million.

The cuts that come as a result of Yukon's disappearing surplus make life more difficult for Yukoners. Staffing cuts at important services like child and youth group homes have real repercussions.

“No vehicle can run on an empty tank, let alone a government. But our most vulnerable citizens shouldn't be paying the price for the government's mismanagement of our economy,” said Chua-Tan.

Meanwhile, health care professionals continue to publicly shame the Yukon Party over their mismanagement of the Yukon Hospital Corporation as cutbacks make it more difficult for front-line staff to offer Yukoners basic medical care.

“For years now, volunteering with various non-profit organizations, I have listened as people tell me that they want change,” added Chua-Tan. “We deserve a government that has a plan to provide high-quality public services in collaboration with First Nation governments and professionals – and it starts with respect and teamwork. That’s why I want to be a part of a Yukon NDP government led by Premier Liz Hanson.”

Chua-Tan had previously announced her support for Rod Snow as the Yukon NDP candidate in Riverdale North where she had considered a run herself. “As a Yukoner, I'm thrilled that a strong candidate like Rod is willing to step forward and serve. I know he will be a great voice for the people in the Yukon Legislative Assembly. I look forward to working with him, Liz and the Yukon NDP team.”