5 New Ideas for a Better Yukon

Liz Hanson’s plan for a better Yukon is about new ideas that have a real impact on people’s lives. Liz and the NDP will deliver action on the issues that matter.

Here are five ideas that have people talking:

1. We’ll recruit more doctors and nurses by paying the tuition of any Yukoner who studies medicine and comes back to practice in the Yukon.

We have a shortage of doctors and nurses – the Yukon NDP will fix that by offering any Yukoner who studies medicine to have their tuition fees paid if they practice here in the Yukon.

2. We’ll finally bring in a $15/hour minimum wage

A $15/hour minimum wage will help make sure that no one who works full time will have to stop at the food bank on their way home. It will also help close the pay gap for women, who are more likely to work low-paying jobs.

3. We’ll do business with Yukon companies, and require all government construction projects to have apprenticeship opportunities for Yukoners.

When the government spends Yukoners’ money to build something, it doesn’t help when the only ones getting the work are outside contractors. We’ll create job and training opportunities on these projects that put Yukoners first. 

4. We’ll help Yukoners go to college – by making the first year free.

Nothing should hold young people back from chasing their dreams. We’re going to make it easier for Yukoners to get a world-class education, right here at home by making the first year at Yukon College tuition free for Yukoners.

5. We’ll recruit more teachers to rural communities by offering them two years of housing – so they can put down roots and stay.

Teachers are not only an important part of our kids’ lives – they are an important part of our community. We’re going to make sure they are welcomed to stay in their new communities by helping them find a home.

Election Day is on November 7. Don’t just vote for a different government – vote for a better one.

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