Anne Tayler

Lake Laberge

Anne is honoured to have this opportunity to represent her community. She love the Yukon. There is a quality of life that you just can’t get anywhere else. And she wants her kids and grandkids to be able to have that here for generations to come.

Anne has worked hard for the land and the people of Yukon as co-owner of Muktuk Sled Dog Adventures with my husband Frank Turner, a foster parent, a teacher at Yukon College and a manager at non-profits and a First Nations government. A sharp mind, she also has a PhD in Literature.

Yukoners may also recognize her as the co-founder of the Storytelling Festival, Raven Recycling and Whitehorse’s first infant daycare, as well as a volunteer with Frostbite, Guild Hall and the Yukon Quest.

Anne decided to run because she is fed up with our short-sighted government that just hasn’t been there for people. The businesses and lives of her children and their children depend on the land, our water and our economy, and she knows she is not alone. She will work hard to ensure Yukoners elect a Yukon NDP government that will ban fracking, address climate change and create good jobs for future generations.


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