Residents of Valleyview and Hillcrest filled the Yukon Transportation Museum Thursday night to present serious concerns about the impact of the proposed Alaska Highway expansion plan on the safety and health of their community.

“We need to ensure improvements increase accessibility for small businesses, ensure safety for commuters and create safe spaces for pedestrians and cyclists; Darrell Pasloski’s plan fails on all of these,” said Stikeman. “It was clear that the government has lost the trust of Yukoners, wasting time and money on a project that doesn’t address the needs of our community.”

If elected, the Yukon NDP will launch meaningful, comprehensive consultations with communities and businesses, and make the most dangerous sections of the highway safer, such as the South Access intersection.

Facilitator Dianne Williams focussed the forty attendees on issues, concerns and concrete solutions. The main concern that emerged was safety for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, but many spoke of the impact of highways on physical and mental health, bringing First Nations to the table in the spirit of meaningful reconciliation, lighting and stop lights, beautification, public transit, equity and accommodating a variety of users.

“Local residents and small businesses have noticed that construction started this summer on the highway without further input of the community as promised,” added Stikeman. “It’s no wonder they were upset given that the government’s plan would only serve to make our highway less safe, not more.”

Yukon NDP candidate for Copperbelt South Lois Moorcroft was in attendance and told the crowd how hard she had to work to get answers from the government as Highways Critic.

“I challenged our government to be accountable to community and it paid off: they slowed down their rushed implementation plan and are now backing down from plans to waste millions on twinning,” said Moorcroft. “The Yukon NDP worked incredibly hard as Opposition over the last five years. We will work even harder in government to develop infrastructure with Yukoners, for Yukoners.” 



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